Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year Resolution

“New Year’s Resolution” … a phrase I was completely unaware of when I was in India in 90’s. I won’t be surprised if majority of Indian now know what New Year’s resolution is. A lot changed in India since I left to States 9 years ago. We have pizza, burgers, macaroni and cheese, and even sweet corn in India now…. You name it we have it. Anyway, that’s a whole new theme for blog ;) Coming back to the subject, a distant friend of mine asked me “What is your New year’s resolution?” on New Year’s Eve party in 2000. Suddenly I find myself without words to talk. I looked around and see everyone in the party was talking about their plans for New Year. It was annoying at some point.

I came home that night with a dark cloud on my head. I made a quick search on the Internet to read more about New Year’s Resolution. I didn’t find much on the internet that time except all about losing weight and debt free. I turned on the Television only to find advertisements and TV programs on New Year’s resolution. Fueled by advertisements and society I took a blank paper and wrote down my resolution for the first time in my life. “Lose weight” I wrote followed by several other things to achieve that year.

It’s been 8 years since I wrote that list; it was my first and last New Year’s resolution list. Sheer apprehension of knowing something new made me to write that list but I never grasped the concept at all. I never understood the idea of procrastinating anything until New Year to achieve it. If someone wants to lose weight they have to start right away isn’t it? What is it with Year New that’s makes it so persuasive for our tardy tasks to be more feasible? Anyway, if you want to achieve something, take actions to achieve it without any delay. I leave those fancy New Year Resolution talk to others and all the marketing gimmicks to TV. For me today is the day to achieve.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turning 30

I will be turning 30 years shortly. I clearly remember a call phone I made to my sister on her birthday few years ago. She turned 30 that time. I asked her if she had anything special planned that day. Birthdays’ were not festive for her anymore. Birthdays remind her that she is aging. I felt her pain because I freaked out when I saw a fine crumple under my eyes when I was 25. Saying good bye to young energetic 20s is hard and it gets harder as we age. Puffy eyes, wrinkles and achy joints are not something to be celebratory isn’t it? Well that was my perception before I met Mike.

Mike, who sits next to my cabin at my office celebrated his 76 birthday few days ago with his family. I knew he is old but never thought he is 76. A sense of shame came over me for whining over aging. Life is more than aging physically and being beautiful and fit. Life is all about experiencing and appreciating every moment our existence. As a child I enjoyed the warmth of my mother, playing in rain and mud, those memorable school days; as a teenager I enjoyed college days, my first crush, chatting with friends over boys; As a wedded women I enjoyed all the martial bliss; those lazy days on beds and eating dinner at 12 am. As a mother I savored warmth of my kids, those first wobbling first step to those shattering laughs and those first words. Life at every stage has so much to offer isn’t it?

Coming back to Mike, he is tall skinny guy with head full of white hair. Retirement seems to be not in his book of life. He loves being occupied with work. He told us that the most fun part of turning 76 was to able to spend time with his great grand kids. They had a quiet evening that day in front of the fire place. I hope Mike gets to experience many more wonderful healthy years with his family and friends. Many belated birthday to you Mike!

God has given me two reasons to be celebratory on my birthday from the past 3 years now. I get to say “Happy birthday to you and to me” to my only adorable son. He is turning 3 on the same day I turn 30. He doesn’t know it yet. He is too young to understand it now but I am curious how he feels about it later on in his life. How do I feel sharing my birthday with my son? Ecstatic! A friend of mine told me that I have forever stolen the thunder of my son’s birthday. She believes that my son can never have his birthday all for himself without being reminded that he has to share it with me first. I never thought people would interpret it that way. I will leave the final call to my son to make.

Growing up I never blew candles and cut cake on birthdays. My parents never made a big deal of birthdays in general. Head bath, new cloths, favorite food ( Bisibelebath and Jamoon in my case) and Rs100 and a birthday song from my dad are things I associate my childhood birthdays with. In the evening I ran to all my friends and neighbors home and give chocolates and candy that mom asked me to give. “It’s my birthday” I would say and in return I could get blessing and sometimes treat like payasam. I always wanted to blow candles on my birthday cake…. Something I never did growing up. A friend of mine made sure I did when I turned 18. She surprised me with a cake with 18 candles on top of it glowing. I will never forget that day. After marriage my husband made sure I blow candles on all my birthdays. What crazy is it with cakes and candles on birthday I don’t know but for now it serves as a dessert for my kids.

So how does it feel turning 30? Absolutely wonderful! I had marvelous thirty years and hoping to have many more healthy peaceful years ahead. Happy birthday to me and to my son.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time to welcome 2009

Is clock ticking too fast or is that my imagination? Is it not a few days ago I welcomed 2008 and today it’s already the first day of 2009. Twelve months went by so quick before I could savor it. They say good times always tend to shift fast and dreadful moments pass very sluggish. If that’s true then I want 2009 to go fast for all of us.

Yesterday I was going through all the memorabilia of 2000 - 2008. This is something I love to do not just on Dec 31st but whenever I have some time or become nostalgic. By memorabilia I meant lots and lots of photos I take of my kids and of all the special occasion. I couldn’t stop laughing with the hair style I use to have in the year 2000. Everything changed from my dressing style to physical appearance. My kids love going through photos with me. They keep asking me why they weren’t invited to mom and dad’s wedding. “Mommy why didn’t you take me to Singapore trip” asks my son. I told him he wasn’t born that time. I realized he was not happy with that answer. So I changed the explanation. I told him he was sick and therefore couldn’t take him. He instantly smiles and says we should go there again.

Some time I feel like freezing the time and relish every happy moment to my hearts’ content and fast forward every disheartening moments. I wish I had that kind of power. Life is a mixture of both laughter and tearful moments and that the truth of life. I wish you all lot more new years ahead with unlimited laughter and strength to encounter life’s’ turmoil. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.