Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simple moments

Simple moments of life are such a joyous occurrence isn’t it? Mike my colleague at work, swing by my cube yesterday, to show a photo on his cell phone. His 2 year grandson dozed off on his chest with Mike wrapped his arm around him securely. Mike was the happiest man in our office that day. Thanks Mike for sharing that precious picture with me. I am honored. Simple moments of that sort make our life priceless isn’t it? I couldn't help but wonder how fortunate Mike was to have his Cell phone camera handy to capture that priceless moment. We all have such moments in our life ... sometimes we are lucky enough to capture it on film and sometimes we don’t have access to such technology to freeze those moments. I am displaying one of my son's such simple moment in this blog. My son, who was two years old that time, wore his dad's shoe and glove and was busy pretending to work as a gardener. I was fortunate to have my camera handy to snap it. I have several of such moments captured on films and several of such moments missed...Alas!

Talking more on missed moments, ever since I started working I have been missing such moments of my kids.... a definite down side of working mother. Hectic work and tensions in general sometimes blind me to realize and savor such simple things. It happened to me recently. I came home after combating a tiring long day and a frustrating traffic only to find a surprise waiting for me. My daughter took me to her room to show her drawings. She loves to draw and color. There were some drawing on the board and to my strenuous eyes I didn’t find anything special about those drawing. Click on the video below and see if you can find anything special about it. (Please write your answer in the comment section )

My daughter explained me what those marking were. She is a little girl with big imagination. It was a moment of " WOW... she is growing up". A simple moment ... I will never forget and a gentle concern that those joyous moments are happening right in front of us and we are too busy to notice them.