Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I still remember my first Valentine Day celebration. It was my first year in the college. My friend told me that guys give roses to the most beautiful girl on Valentine’s Day. Girl who gets the most roses are the most beautiful. I couldn’t sleep the night before Valentine that year. My mind was occupied with so many details … what to wear? What to do if someone gives me rose? What will I tell mom coming home with lot many roses? The pressure was too much to handle. Finally the big day arrived. My heart was pumping hard with all the anxiety. My very close friend and I got into our bus to college and of course we were dressed to kill. I guess we both were expecting at least one rose. We ended up having zero roses on that day. It was the most disappointing day as a naïve teenager. Reminiscing about that day puts a huge smile on my face now. By the way, I never got a single rose from anyone during my five year college days. The only red rose I get every single year from the past nine years is from my only Valentine - my husband:)

Only young Indians celebrate Valentine’s Day in India or at least that's how it was when I was growing up as a teenager in India. Not sure if that sage is still continuing. Anyway, Valentine in USA is celebrated by diverse population not restraining it to just teenagers or young lovers. My daughter is celebrating it at her school this year. We volunteered to help the school on this occasion. I never thought it would cost us fifteen buck for volunteering. They asked us to send 30 Valentine napkins and plates. I went to a local store to get the supplies only to find $4 for 8 Valentine plates. I know those plates will be on sale for less than a buck on 15th February. What a rip off! Anyway, on the second note, it’s for my little girl and her school celebration and that’s priceless. I don’t what to put a tag on that happiness.

My son is just 3 year old and they are celebrating Valentine’s Day at his school. They asked me to send 10 Valentine greeting cards along with my son tomorrow. What will he do giving and receiving greeting cards on Valentine’s Day? He cannot even read what’s written on the card. I know its going to be a trash when he gets home. They should be giving and receiving valentine candies instead. I know it’s going to make them all very happy. I need to talk to his school about this …. It’s still not too late. My kid’s Valentine’s Day is already costing me. I can imagine the coming years now.

The first time I heard the word “Valentine” I was fifteen years old. Now my kids who are three and five know the word Valentine and are celebrating the day. My parents still are unaware of this day … well they chose it to be that way. It’s amazing to see the changing times. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Arathi Sridhar said...

So true preeti..very well said. As I was reading this, I could imagine how this next generation will turn out to be! It scares me sometimes to see our kids growing at such a fast pace....

Preeti said...

Yeah Arathi ... I think we are stuck in the time frame where any change is scaring.... I can only hope our kids will enjoy every simple things of childhood before they grow big :))